DATE: 18.01.19

When you’re deciding on a wedding planner for your dream destination wedding in Crete, as a local planner we have a clear advantage over those from other locations...as we live & work on this beautiful island all year round, Moments has year-round access to all our vendors & associates and can therefore conveniently meet with them to discuss the smallest of details at any time. There is no guesswork involved because as a result of our years of experience, we already have a thoroughly vetted list of trusted contacts who we have worked with on countless occasions & have complete trust in. We know just the way things work here & have our ‘trade secrets’ to guarantee you the very best complete wedding experience.

Couples sometimes imagine that hiring a wedding planner from a larger & more cosmopolitan city in Greece to organise your wedding in Crete is the way to go. However, the trick is to find just the right planner in the exact locale where you want your wedding to take place, therefore avoiding the extra expense of travel & accommodation fees involved in bringing in a planner from elsewhere. When you choose a wedding planner who is based in the place where you want to get married, those costs aren't even a consideration, because we're already here! Another important thing to consider when choosing your wedding planner is to feel that you can really connect with them, and that there is a close bond based on empathy & mutual respect. This is our forte!

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and has dozens of wedding vendors to choose from. We can offer you the very finest of these. A non-local planner will not have worked with these vendors before and consequently will not know how good any of them actually are. For example, your bridal bouquet & bridesmaids’ flowers must always be beautifully fresh & cannot be transported here from a long distance away, so knowing the best florists in the area is vital. The same applies for top quality caterers for your wedding reception dinner & your exquisite wedding cake. Similarly, knowing all the minute details about all of our wedding venues means we can advise you on late-night music restrictions, and whether the approaching road is suitable for your choice of wedding car, or whether the decoration you have in mind for your ceremony or reception venue can be tweaked to be even more eye-catching & impressive. And of course we can arrange  the very best entertainment for you & your guests during your stay in Crete, based on our own personal & professional experience of all the island has to offer.

Choose local! Don’t settle for anything less for the most important day of your life!

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