All the latest developments on the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions... and why we’re feeling full of positivity for our incredible upcoming destination weddings in Crete!

DATE: 24.05.20

As the saying goes, ‘After the storm comes the rainbow’ and here in Crete now we’re certainly seeing our rainbow smiling down on us again after winning the battle against the coronavirus & coming out of lockdown stronger than ever!
Here at Moments we’re feeling upbeat & confident about what lies ahead for our amazing 2020 weddings. We believe the best days are yet to come! Everywhere on the island there’s a wonderful feeling of optimism in the air so we thought the time was right to bring you up to date on what’s happening over here right now, with most of the restrictions having already been lifted.
The shops, malls & outlets have now all reopened (with limits on the number of customers allowed inside at a time) so the city streets are coming back to life with a cheerful vibe. For everyone’s safety the shop assistants continue to wear masks, a rule that also still applies for public transport & taxis but here both the drivers and the passengers are obliged to wear a mask.
The public beaches have also reopened to the immense joy of the city’s residents, after months of restrictions, although careful safety measures apply here too. Crete’s gorgeous blue seas have always been breathtaking but with the beaches lying unvisited for so long, the island’s waters are now super crystal clear!
At the beginning of next week the cafes & restaurants will reopen their doors for a long-awaited coffee or dinner with friends….while observing social-distancing of course!
From the 15th of June flights will resume and the hotels will start welcoming back happy guests to our sun-kissed island. Although not all hotels will be operating this year. We suggest you contact your hotel for more info if you have booked directly with them.
Travel within Greece has already begun again, with ferry services operating between the mainland and Crete. However travel between Athens and the other islands is still not yet possible, so if you’ve already booked Crete as your 2020 destination then you chose well! (But then you already knew that!)  
Orthodox weddings can now take place here again, with the number of guests permitted to attend depending on the size of the church. As for civil weddings at Crete’s town halls, the current guidelines state that up to ten people are allowed to be present at the ceremony.
At this moment in time, we’re optimistic that wedding ceremonies & receptions will be able to be celebrated from July onwards and we hope to know more very soon about the safety restrictions concerning exactly how the food at receptions will be served. For example, whether buffet-style menus will still be an option or whether the guests will be served by professional waiting staff.
Things in Crete are returning to normal every week so to keep up to date on all the changes to the (fewer & fewer!) current restrictions, do follow us on Facebook & Instagram where we post regular updates.

You set your heart  on idyllic Crete for your perfect destination wedding….hang on to that dream, you’ll be SO glad you did. This magical island is reawakening and amazing times are ahead…