DATE: 01.02.18

Being one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful assets, when you think of the idyllic Greek island of Crete what usually comes to mind is the heavenly beaches, the stunning scenery, the unbeatable weather & the warm hospitality of the local people. Yet there is another famous attraction that draws visitors to Crete every year; this time in the winter months of February or March...the spectacular Rethymno Carnival!! This amazing event has taken place in this beautiful Renaissance town since 1914 and is the 2nd largest carnival in Greece, attracting thousands of participants & spectators every year. The fun-filled celebrations bring together locals & visitors, both young & not-so-young, who fill the streets to either take part in the grand parade or watch from the sidelines. Every year the carnival has a different theme, with this year’s motivational theme being “Be Your Best Self!” and comprising of 37 unique teams. The colourful costumes, the creative floats, the dancing & the music all bring about a fantastic party atmosphere which makes the Rethymno carnival one of the most popular events of the year, and which creates unforgettable memories for everyone involved. Extra events taking place around this amazing time are a children’s carnival & a riotous night carnival on the night before the grand parade and lively team parties at nightclubs in the town.

As well as being the perfect location for a dream wedding ceremony & reception, and a top honeymoon destination, Crete also offers a diverse range of year-round entertainment to suit everyone.