DATE: 28.03.20

First of all we hope you are all safe & well!
We have received a lot of questions regarding the current situation here in Greece, so we wanted to give you an update & let you know how things stand at the moment.
Because Greece was fast in reacting to the Covid-19 infection, the number of cases in the country is thankfully still very low, and almost non-existent here in Crete. Nevertheless, we are in lock down mode until 30th April. 

Many couples all over the world are facing the challenges of postponing or re-planning their weddings for later dates. But stay positive! As your wedding planners, we’re here for you & we’ll do everything in our power to manage the crisis.
The best solution is to postpone rather than cancel your wedding to avoid losing your deposits. These deposits are in place because we have already devoted a considerable amount of our time & expertise in planning the perfect day for you and also to keep the amazing vendors that you chose reserved solely for your flawless wedding day.

We strongly advise you to contact us in order to discuss re-booking your wedding within 2020 if you are getting married in May or June. Don’t forget, autumn weddings are awesome and temperatures are similar to May and June! If your wedding is taking place in July or in the latter months of the year, we suggest that we monitor the current situation together so we can find the best solution should the time come. For the moment, it’s still very early to be concerned about weddings that are booked for later on in the season as there are no travel restrictions imposed up to now & we’re hoping we’ll be able to go ahead with our gorgeous weddings as planned.            

So let’s keep communicating!

And please remember, our new couples are now booking for 2021 so we are unable to guarantee dates for those of you who had originally booked for 2020 & now want to re-book for next year. The same applies for our trusted vendors. So give some serious thought to re-booking your early summer 2020 wedding to a date later on this year… your big day will then still be only a few months away! 

Please bear in mind that extra costs will emerge from re-planning your wedding day for 2021. It is not just a simple case of changing dates, there is a huge workload increase for everyone involved for both time and expenses incurred. Please ask us for more information.

We look forward with hope & optimism to being part of your dream wedding very soon!

To all of you out there - stay positive & safe!