DATE: 13.03.16

Wild flowers are blossoming and the snowy Cretan mountain tops give way to the land underneath. Spring has arrived and it’s the perfect time to start with preparations for an upcoming wedding in Crete. Greek brides usually have many family members who help with handing out wedding invitations or fixing the Bonbonieres, traditional guest presents given to every guest on the wedding day. These small favours, which can be pretty boxes, tulle bags, or any other small gift are stuffed with 5 Jordan almonds. These fancy sugar coated candies are rich in flavor and cultural meaning. They symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity. Greek tradition says that if an unmarried woman places the almonds under her pillow she’ll dream of her future husband!

Many of our brides ask us what can be done to make their wedding in Crete more Greek.  Incorportaing some Greek traditions into the wedding is a great way to accomplish this.  Bonbonieres, or party favor, is a nice idea, as they can be personalized with the names of the couple, wedding date, wedding colour and even the wedding theme.

For weddings in Crete, and in general weddings in Greece, it is a custom that the wedding ceremonies take place in the evenings followed by a reception in a wedding location. We also recommend to our couples to hold the ceremony in late afternoon before sunset, as the temperatures are very high during the day, especially during the high season months such as July and August.  

Another tradition comes from former times when the bride was brought to the church on the back of a donkey guided by family members and serenaded by Cretan music & singing. Two of the most famous Cretan instruments are the Laouto & Lyra, which you can often hear at weddings in Crete. The lyra is a pear-shaped, three-stringed bowed musical instrument and the Laouto is a long necked lute and a member of the chordophone family of stringed instruments. There is no way that you would find a real Cretan wedding without these instruments playing traditional Cretan music and the  guests performing Cretan dances the whole night long. This could be a fascinating option for your wedding in Crete entertainment.  We also provide many other services such as music bands playing with international music, a DJ or even traditional Greek dancers, in order to make your wedding in Crete even more unique.