Emeline & Marc

DATE: 09.09.16

"Finding Moments was a true blessing, contracting them for our wedding was the best investment we made and working with them was simply the easiest and most fun event we ever had to plan…..
This in short, sums up our experience!
From the very beginning, when we were looking for a wedding planner in Crete, Moments was the only one who answered to my list of 50 questions and agreed to have a skype session to understand our dream wedding.
Selecting them as our wedding planner was simply obvious as we realized straight away how organized, committed, friendly and caring they naturally are. I am the kind of bride who knows exactly what she wants, with a clear vision of my dream wedding, high expectations, crazy near impossible requests and dozens of check lists….Moments simply blew my mind at every turn… Making everything come true one day at a time, bringing her own ideas, special touches, positive energy and enthusiasm to make reality even better than my dreams.
I know the Moments team organizes an incredible number of weddings every year, but although they were extremely busy (and Annika expecting a baby!), I truly felt like my wedding was the most important of all and that they were invested in it as if it was their very own. Moments’s taste is simply impeccable, their organizational skills are out of this world and the professionals/vendors they surround themselves with are the best on the market. We called them our “Wedding Fairy” throughout the whole process, and this is precisely what they were to us.
To share a few of the moments team miracles: 
1. Find a celloist and a violinist, make them work together, find the music sheets for all the songs we wanted them to play and make sure they learn and practice all of them for our wedding
2. Track down a small pottery shop we had visited during a previous holiday in Crete and convince them to make clay hot air balloons in our wedding colors
3. Find a fantastic baker on the island who could make the French traditional wedding cake – the Croque-en-Bouche
4. Recreate a huge hot air balloon for our photo-booth
5. Create beautiful hot air balloon center pieces and a baker to make hot air balloon cookies
6. Plan a boat trip for all our guests the day before the wedding and a brunch the day after the wedding

But the most important miracle of all, was to keep me calm and relaxed not only on our wedding day but for the entire 10 months leading to it.We have become dear friends and the team was adored by our bridal party and all our guests. Our wedding was a true fairytale…. It was even better than our dream vision….. and as much as I would want to take some credit for our vision…. I know it would have never been possible without moments.
I will never forget the moment I arrived at the venue in my beautiful white dress….. First, I saw Annika and my stress level went back down to zero because seeing her meant that everything will be under control…… Second, I saw the gorgeous venue with all the elements we had talked about for over 10 months and I suddenly realized that I was walking into my ultimate dream wedding….. Third, with tears in my eyes….. I saw my wonderful Groom, the love of my life… and instantly knew this day would remain the happiest, most perfect day of our life…. "