DATE: 01.09.19

Where do I even begin to talk about the most amazing year of my life leading up to the wedding with Caroline and her team as our wedding planner.
I'm from Canada and just had our wedding in Crete on Sunday Sept 1st at agreco farms. Planning a wedding apparently is hard and stressful, doing it from another country even more so... Caroline did not once allow me to feel stressed. She was on top of EVERYTHING and exceeded my expectations with how much she would go above and beyond to make us and 70 guests happy.
From the first Skype convo, I knew I trusted her right away and would not question a thing.
From writing emails to all our friends about day after and before events, to arranging cabs and pick up's for everyone to arranging my mother in laws birthday and writing me a full detailed email about different options when I asked her one simple question of what restaurant is good. She just goes above and beyond always. Let's not forget her recommendations, every place she told us to go to was beyond amazing. All week we heard all 70 of our guests saying how amazing she was because of all that she's done.
At the wedding right before our first enterance she walked up to us gave us drinks told us to take a break before walking in and was constantly checking to make sure everything was ok.
she a BEAUTIFUL SOUL inside out, her work ethic, professionalism and creative eye is absolutely impeccable and nothing like I've ever seen before.

Caroline started off as our wedding planner and became a friend and a part of our family forever.
I cried hugging her good bye and I'm crying writing this because of the experience we had.
Moments, you are absolutely perfect and a genius!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Till we see you again soon

Gisele & James from Canada