DATE: 06.05.16

A Greek island wedding is something many brides dream about.  Why not celebrate the ultimate dream wedding like Sophie in the famous Mamma Mia movie! After the release of the film, Greece became a popular wedding destination. Nevertheless, Crete is still a hidden gem for weddings abroad. 

So what can you do to organize your Mamma Mia themed wedding on the beautiful island of Crete? The only thing you need for your dream wedding in Crete is your own personal wedding planner!

Imagine yourself in a light, summery bridal dress making your way to the ceremony on a Greek donkey, just like Sophie, to the sound of your favorite Mamma Mia song. Your bridegroom and your guests wait for you high up on a hill with breathtaking scenery at one of our fairytale wedding locations in Crete. Picture yourself in a charming traditional Cretan village that offers fantastic views over the vineyards and the Mediterranean sea, just like in the movie. Handpicked bunches of wild flowers decorating the tables & fairy lights twinkling all around the reception area give your wedding in Crete the ultimate Mamma Mia touch. Finally, celebrate and dance all night at your dream wedding in Crete to the music of ABBA played by a DJ or an ABBA tribute band.