DATE: 22.08.16

Invitations are in the mail.  Tickets are booked. Bags are (almost) packed. Now what?

Your wedding in Crete can include many activities before and after your big day! Travelling on the island is a delightful experience. Locals are friendly and quick  to offer help and the ubiquitous shot of raki to visitors to the island. If you want to blend in a little more with the Greeks here are some good tips to follow:

Driving in Crete

Driving on Crete offers you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want!  This is a great way to get off the beaten path and enjoy the island on your own schedule.  It should be noted, however, that the Greeks generally interpret road signs as mere suggestions and not the law. That being said it is best to drive with caution and, as you will notice other drivers doing, keep over to the right so that those in a hurry can pass on your left.  If driving on Crete is a bit too kamikaze for you the bus system offers an extensive service to all parts of the island.  It is (usually) on time, air-conditioned, comfortable & clean. You can sit back relax and enjoy the scenery!  For timetables and destinations visit:


Coffee is king here on Crete! Almost anywhere you go you will be able to find the perfect cup of coffee. Espresso shots are pulled by the hundreds, if not thousands, everyday in towns across Crete. You can enjoy this beverage hot (zesto) or cold (freddo), sweet (gliko) or without sugar (sketo) on almost any corner of the island and at anytime of day! The Greeks like to drink coffee late into the night as they gather on street side cafés watching the world go by.

Banking & Money

Now that you've ordered your delicious coffee how are you going to pay for it?  In the bigger towns and cities credit cards are accepted at most restaurants, shops, and hotels. ATMs, banks and travel offices are located throughout should you need to withdraw or exchange money. If you plan on travelling to quieter parts of the island, however, make sure to have cash on hand as many small tavernas and family run operations only accept cash.


If you are lucky to find yourself at a small taverna in a quiet little village by the sea don't be afraid to take your time. Greeks have been known to extend a lunchtime meal all the way through to dinner!  Family style eating is typical here and lets you sample the wide variety of the famous Cretan diet. You really can never order too much at a Greek taverna! During the summer Greeks like to eat out late and it is not uncommon to sit down to dinner at 10pm and then head out for drinks at midnight….until the sun comes up the next morning.

Crete's most famous Drink!

This brings us to the most famous drink of Crete:  Raki!  It is impossible to visit Crete and not sample this unique spirit that the Cretans swear by!  It will usually be presented to you after your meal with dessert or fruit, offered as a way of expressing gratitude or thanks, and simply as a way of celebrating.  No trip to Crete is complete without a little raki!