Céline & Philipp

DATE: 30.06.18

For us it was clear from the beginning that if we get married it must be anything but an ordinary Swiss wedding. In Switzerland the weather is pretty much unpredictable and we didn't want to take the risk of a rainy wedding. Although there is no such thing as a weather guarantee, the likelihood of sunshine in southern European countries is much higher, especially during the summer months. We didn't seek for a specific town or even country when we started googling about our dream wedding location.

Moments Weddings & Events was one the first hits and we agreed we need to look no further. The highly professional layout of their website and their services offered convinced us immediately. We used their contact form and soon thereafter we had our first Skype call with Annika, one of the founders and head wedding planners.

We would be lying to say it was easy to choose between their wedding venues, because all of them had their own charm and are beautiful in their own way. In the end got married on 30 June 2018 at the traditional estate offering a breathtaking view of the myriad of olive trees, vine yards, and the Mediterranean Sea.

There are no words to describe how we perceived our own wedding. Everything, literally everything, our wedding planner organized was beyond expectations. At no point in time we felt worried. From the very first moment we had great confidence and trust in Annika and her team. The modular system makes it very easy to build your dream wedding. There was no request, not even last minute, they could not fulfil. Their network of local suppliers is astonishing. The venue, the decor, the ceremony, the flowers, the photographers, the DJs, the cake, the band, the transport, the accommodation, the meals and catering... simply fantastic!

Many of our married friends told us that their wedding was rather stressful and they could not enjoy themselves as much as they would have liked. Well, for us it was the complete opposite. We could enjoy every single second of our wedding day! Annika was there for us from the beginning until the end and personally ensured every little detail was carried out according to plan. It does not take much to see that for her it's not just a job, it's a passion. She delivers high quality work and shows high personal commitment.

We wanted to take this opportunity to express a huge THANK YOU to Annika and the Moments team for making our wedding day the most memorable day in our lives! All of our guests were thrilled by your exceptional talent and keep saying that they are infinitely grateful to have been part of this very special event.

If you don' believe in miracles, then contact Moments Weddings & Events and book your dream wedding today! We promise, you won't regret it.