Anita & Andy

DATE: 05.08.16

Simply Incredible – how can we ever say thank you enough!

Caroline and Annika are quite simply AMAZING. Consummate professionals, highly skilled at what they do, with the highest level of customer service and turn-around.  With turnaround/response time in  high season with a substantial time zone, they were exemplary in responding and exceeded our expectations. Moments created the most magical wedding day for us! Along with helping to plan a pre-wedding party the night before and a beach party the day after!  Moments had their hands full with us, but nothing was ever too much or not possible!
We are based in the US and had never even been to Crete until the week we married. We had a large international wedding, over 100 guests, with the majority from the USA,  others from  Ireland, UK,  Poland, China but to name a few – our guests continue to reminisce about how incredible the overall experience was and a stunning wedding day!  In addition to our wedding and our other parties, we relied on moments for accommodation recommendations and bookings, ground transportation throughout the week, family dinners and other needs for many of our guests.
From the moment we had our first Skype conversation we knew we were going to be able to plan and live the wedding and experience we were dreaming off!! The moments team became our eyes and ears, our interpreter.  It was very easy to establish a relationship and find a rhythm, to the degree we did not feel we needed to do a site visit in advance! Truly, Moments are THIS good!!
Moments have very stong and well established, vested relationships with quality vendors; everyone we contracted through Moments had the same foundational quality of delivering a superior service, this makes a significant difference.  Moments can deliver because of the quality of the vendors they work with and contract.  Each vendor we met through Moments also had a wonderful, professional style and put you at great ease. Moments are also very creative in finding new resources if you are thinking outside of what they may already have in hand.
As an international bride, I was truly amazed at how much the moments team was able to pick up my tone and style through email and pictures and OVER-DELIVER!! It was as if my vision transferred by osmosis to them, who in turn communicated exactly my preferences to all other vendors, venue, florists, musicians, etc.!!! My expectations were very high, I have done a lot of event planning for a Fortune 500 company, so I know what I want and have high control needs. I am very critical when it comes to events; this is one of the first times in my life I was able to let go and turn things over to the girls at moments.  It was so easy to put full trust in them, and lean on their recommendations and advice – they are truly the experts in their field and particularly in Crete.
Now the wedding is over, we “miss” our friends, Caroline and Annika, two wonderful, incredibly kind and hard-working people who create magic.  Our days are not the same without an email from Moments, but we fully intend on traveling back to Crete to see you!!!