DATE: 15.11.18

We understand that every wedding day is special & unique and we are proud to include beautiful, timeless Jewish wedding ceremonies in our wonderful diversity of dream destination weddings in Crete. From experience, we know that a traditional Jewish wedding is rich in meaningful rituals which symbolise the beauty of the relationship between the couple and also their obligation to the Jewish faith. With your religious requirements in mind, we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams, while staying true to the solemn traditions & rites connected to a Hebrew ceremony. More & more Jewish couples are now choosing a fabulous destination wedding in Crete. Whether in a beautiful traditional synagogue, on a gorgeous beach beside the waves, in a picturesque winery among beautiful Cretan nature or at any one of our other perfect locations, for your own dream Greek island Jewish wedding we offer a complete personalised coordination including kosher cuisine and premium kosher wines for your wedding dinner, as well as fitting musical accompaniment for your ceremony & live wedding bands to perform at your reception party. For a truly unforgettable wedding day, tailored to your own particular wishes & requirements, we can help you combine your precious religious traditions with the perfect sun-kissed destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Perhaps you’re planning your own non-Jewish destination wedding in Crete and would simply love to learn more about the special rituals involved in a marriage of a different faith to your own? Here are a few of the fascinating customs included in some recent Jewish weddings that we were delighted to organise. The veiling of the bride (‘Bedeken’) by the bridegroom before the ceremony symbolises his commitment to protect & provide for his new wife, and the reading & signing of the marriage contract (‘Ketubah’) in the original Aramaic script, which is written among beautiful artwork to be framed and displayed in the couple’s new home after their wedding. This document sets out the bridegroom’s responsibilities to his new wife & is also signed by two witnesses. The wedding ceremony takes place under a classically draped canopy (‘Chuppah’; which we decorated with stunning floral arrangements) and represents the new home that the couple will build together. Before the ceremony begins, the bride’s father places his hands on his daughter’s head to bless her. The bride then circles her groom seven times (‘Hakafot’); a tradition which symbolises the seven days of the creating of the earth. According to Jewish tradition, the marriage then becomes official with the groom placing a simple gold ring on the bride’s finger while declaring their joining “according to the laws of Moses & Israel”. Near the end of the ceremony, the seven blessings (‘Kiddushin’) are recited over a cup of wine, often both in English & Hebrew. These joyful blessings focus on celebration & love. Perhaps the most well known of all the Jewish wedding rituals is the breaking of the glass by the groom at the end of the ceremony, to the enthusiastic shouts of “Mavel Tov!” (‘Congratulations!’) from all the guests. This final tradition signifies the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The cloth holding the shards of glass is kept after the ceremony, and many couples choose to have it incorporated into some kind of keepsake from their precious wedding day.