DATE: 13.02.19


The heavenly island of Crete… where wedding dreams come true. One of the greatest rewards for choosing to have your destination wedding in Crete is that all its precious natural wonders & traditions can be incorporated into your wedding celebrations, with stunning results. 

Under cloudless blue skies, rolling olive groves with their timeless olive trees have been a staple of life in Crete for thousands of years. Adding a cool ‘olive groove’ to your ceremony & reception decor will really let the essence of Crete shine out from your photos and will delight your guests with this gorgeous rustic touch. Let nature provide the decoration for your amazing alfresco wedding under the sun with beautiful detail that will guarantee your big day is truly unforgettable...

 There are so many incredible ways to include this ‘noble fruit’ in your wedding in Greece celebrations… Add olive leaf branches to your bouquet, to your dinner table centrepieces, tied to your reception chairs at your reception venue in Crete… Incorporate garlands of olive leaves in your venue decoration… Use delicate sprigs of olive leaves as a perfect addition to your place settings… Include plump tasty olives as an authentic meze dish in your wedding menu… Even your romantic wedding cake can follow the trend & feature a simple wreath of olive leaves with flowers to match your colour scheme.

 And while you’re embracing local delights, why not add a gentle Cretan donkey to your guest list?! You’ll lose your heart! Donkeys have long been a familiar presence at Cretan weddings, originally to carry the bride to the church, and including one in your big day will charm & wow all your guests… everyone will want a photo (and a hug!) with your cute donkey!

 The old saying goes that love comes from the heart but passes through the stomach and your guests will certainly love you for serving one of Crete’s oldest & most cherished specialities, antiskristo, at your wedding dinner. The name, which means ‘opposite’ in Greek, refers to the ancient cooking technique used to grill tender local lamb using a method deeply rooted in Cretan culture.  The meat is cut into four, seasoned and threaded onto large wooden skewers which are placed on a unique circular frame around the fire. The meat is slow-cooked by the heat from the flames and produces a mouth-watering, truly authentic Cretan feast.

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