DATE: 24.04.19

Thanks to its fertile land & abundant sunshine, Crete is blessed with an amazing variety of natural produce that makes up the healthy & delicious Mediterranean diet. Cretan cheeses, rusks, honey, olives & olive oil and locally produced raki & wine all stand out because of their exquisite taste & flavours. You can easily infuse these pure Cretan delights into your dream wedding reception menu and treat yourselves & your guests to a real Greek island experience!

Crete is especially well known for the exceptional quality of its ‘liquid gold’ olive oil, which has won many awards and is coveted all around the world. Famous for its health benefits, it plays an important role in the Cretan diet. Incorporating a unique olive oil tasting at your reception party in Crete or at your special pre/post wedding event is a fantastic opportunity to sample a selection of these fine virgin oils along with traditional accompaniments such as local cheeses, peppers & wild artichokes. Authentic Cretan barley rusks & home-made breadsticks in different varieties are also perfect for dipping in the oil and savouring. Smell, taste and enjoy the oils & appetisers with a shot of raki: Crete’s famous firewater, or a glass of aromatic local red, white or rosé wine and get a taste of the real Crete!

After trying the different oils & rusks at your destination wedding tasting, why not take a selection of traditional products home with you & try your hand at making your own Cretan ‘meze’? For a simple & delicious starter, just follow the recipe below!

Olive oil also has many benefits when used as a beauty product. Face masks, lip scrubs, make up remover & soap containing this awesome super-ingredient will bring a natural glow to your skin thanks to mother nature’s magic… Compliment the wedding of your dreams with these beautiful organic products as thoughtful gifts for your bridesmaids or as a touching ‘thank you’ gift for your beloved guests…

A creative way to include olive oil in your own wedding day in Greece is with cute miniature glass bottles of olive oil as amazing wedding favours. These can be personalised with your guests’ names and is a wonderful way for your guests to take home a little piece of Crete after your romantic wedding day is over.

Let Moments Wedding Planners advise you on the perfect way to incorporate Crete’s amazing natural produce into YOUR big day when you book your fairytale wedding in Crete.




Dakos: a classic Cretan recipe using olive oil & barley rusks as well as fresh grated tomato, mouth-watering Feta cheese and fragrant wild oregano. The combination is irresistible!



4 large round barley rusks

3 large mature tomatoes, grated

8 tbsps extra virgin olive oil

150 g feta cheese, crumbled

Pinch of oregano


To put the dish together, simply spread the grated tomato onto the rusks and top with the Feta cheese.  Drizzle with olive oil and top with a pinch of oregano. ‘Καλή όρεξη!’